Forever Roses

"Bloombox" company is active in the field of flower and luxury decoration with products that represent timeless elegance and sophisticated minimal aesthetics.


UI / UX Design, Custom Development, Digital Marketing, Consulting, SEO

Year of Implementation


The challenge

The challenges in this project were to create and apply an efficient and profitable eBusiness model and to successfully transform a theoretical product idea into an environment that provided the prospect of success and growth. Corporate identity design (packaging, logos, branding) has been successfully embedded in a functional and easy-to-use eshop and completed with a 360 ° digital marketing strategy (market research, competition differentiation, and product placement) across all available digital channels - PPC, SEO & Email.


This collaboration started from an idea and was analyzed at the level of e-business consulting. Particular emphasis was given to the analysis of international trends and practices in the specific subject. At the same time we have conducted, market research, competition study, and penetration potential, as well as an assessment of potential business performance. Strategic planning included the creation of a corporate identity, the presentation of an integrated digital marketing plan with clear ROAS objectives, audience analysis and its categorization and targeting needs as well as creative design at mockup level. The approval of the plan, by the client, was followed by the development of a timetable and the organization of all those actions (design, development, digital marketing) that would achieve the original goal set according to the client's needs.


A modern and functional online store with the best user experience and maximum sales potential. Through the harmonious collaboration of the departments of Digital Marketing - Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design and Development, the orchestration of all of the above by the Project Manager and the supervision of the Account Manager, the project was successfully completed at the time it was initially estimated. The data analysis proved its great performance and the goal was achieved with a fairly high level of ROI (Return On Investment).


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